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Human-Shaped Society for a Post-Industrial World

Education or Exploitation?

The point about education is that you put money in and get education out, not that you get rich.

Reading Aloud

While we must teach literacy and aim for fluency, we must also do a lot more reading aloud and story-telling than we currently do.

What Did You Learn in School Today?

A human-shaped education begins with children and the world they occupy, then moves to a drastic rethinking of of everything that is taught.

My Calling

In order to be educated, students don’t need to be run through a factory. They need an education that reflects what it means to be human.

An Educational Manifesto

Is the universal public . . . experience . . . we foist on our children actually education, and is it any good?

Discussion Forum: Education

How does education need to change? Diagnose current problems, imagine reforms, and describe the system that best fits a human-shaped life.

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