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Human-Shaped Society for a Post-Industrial World


Disease is not abnormal. The pandemic is not abnormal. The conditions of life right now are normal and have been since the pre-Cambrian era.

Decline and Fall

On the increasing similarities between fourth-century Rome and the United States in 2020.


Sometimes there is no happy ending.

Steps to Sustainability

Ideas for sustainable living, from simple and inexpensive to life-changing, from things we can do now to things to plan for the future.

Risk Assessment

We’re not any good at threat assessment. Familiar dangers are ignored, while the most remote ones seem the most fearsome.

Our Robot Overlords

Which way will our enslavement to computers go in the next few years?

Counting the Cost

Are we wasting our human resources by trying to keep them safe?

Uncertainty and Grace

Who is right? Will staying at home or going back to work result in more people dying? We don’t know.

From Conquest to Balance

Ultimately nature will achieve the balance that it is always aiming for – with us or without us.

Who Will We Be a Year from Now?

What concerns me today is who we’ll choose to be, once this has settled down and the prospect for a new normal seems possible.


Solidarity and suggestions.


What is it about attempts at justice and peace, like Rojava’s, that infuriate the rest of the world?

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