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Discussion Forum: Education

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

Education is often neglected among people who write about a future altered by climate change and the end of fossil fuels. It's true that other subjects, such as renewable energy, carbon emissions, extinctions, and human population pressures, seem more urgent. We take education for granted, the way we take air and water for granted; maybe we think that we've figured it out, and we can just coast. Even most people who advocate for reforms are generally just suggesting tweaks to the current system. But if education, however it is conceived and implemented, is fundamental to the development of human beings, then it must be looked at far more carefully.

So I invite you all to diagnose current problems, imagine reforms, and describe the system that you think best fits a human-shaped life. Feel free to be as radical as you like; consider ages, arrangements, subjects, methods, schedules, funding, buildings, elementary, secondary, college, and anything else that needs to be rethought.

On your mark, get set -- Go!

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