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Human-Shaped Society for a Post-Industrial World


Disease is not abnormal. The pandemic is not abnormal. The conditions of life right now are normal and have been since the pre-Cambrian era.

Steps to Sustainability

Ideas for sustainable living, from simple and inexpensive to life-changing, from things we can do now to things to plan for the future.

Our Robot Overlords

Which way will our enslavement to computers go in the next few years?

From Conquest to Balance

Ultimately nature will achieve the balance that it is always aiming for – with us or without us.

Outside the Walls

Concerning contact with nature and the development of human intelligence.

The Insanity of Previous Investment

When a whole society refuses to recognize an obvious threat because they want to hold on to their stuff – that's when things get crazy.

Outsourcing Our Brains

This is what memorization means now – the ability to find something on Google. We have outsourced our memories.

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