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The community college where I work decided last week, during our spring break, that all of our classes would become online classes. We've had this week to move everything from a face-to-face format to exclusively online – while fielding thirty emails an hour with changes, updates, and warnings. Over the last five days, I've petrified into a gargoyle hunched over the computer keyboard and can barely straighten my fingers. I'm not the only one who has to do this, of course. Everyone in academia and many people in other professions are figuring out how to avoid contact while still doing our jobs. I'm fortunate that I can keep working; many have not been able to and are in desperate straits.

So I don't have a real post for this week, just an expression of solidarity and some recommended reading.

First of all, let me suggest some other blogs that you will like if you enjoy reading this one. I've recently been introduced to World Water Reserve, a solid and informative collection of articles, beautifully displayed. There is The Economics of Happiness, the blog of Local Futures, where you can find thoughtful articles by a variety of writers. I am refreshed by the insouciant cheer of Erik Assadourian at Gaianism as well. And for a wide array of authoritative viewpoints on sustainability and living within bounds, try Mother Pelican.

There are two other things I'd specifically recommend, one I've read and one I am planning to read. The first is the most recent article from Local Futures, called "Five Ways Corona Virus Could Help Humanity Survive the Ecological Crisis." This offers some hope in the midst of the pandemic. The second is The Shock Doctrine, by Naomi Klein. Since I haven't read it myself, I won't say much, but if you're concerned about how our society might change for the worse as a result of government's response to the corona virus, you should check it out.

Finally, as a service to everyone who is shut in at home, I suggest that you write a comment or even get a conversation going about what you're experiencing and how you're handling it. Join in and say hello. It may only be a typed conversation, but at least you don't have to wear a mask while having it!

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