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Human-Shaped Society for a Post-Industrial World

The Myth of Autonomy

Many Americans take for granted, even idealize, the ideal of personal autonomy: they call it independence, self-sufficiency,...

Community Report

A report on The Front Porch Republic's 2019 conference in Louisville, Kentucky.

Dunbar's Number and Genuine Community

If you’re gone and your house catches fire, it’s your obnoxious neighbor who calls the fire department, not your online soul mate.

Outside the Walls

Concerning contact with nature and the development of human intelligence.

The Insanity of Previous Investment

When a whole society refuses to recognize an obvious threat because they want to hold on to their stuff – that's when things get crazy.

Outsourcing Our Brains

This is what memorization means now – the ability to find something on Google. We have outsourced our memories.

Elsewhere on the Web

If the subjects I cover here are interesting to you, and if you too are concerned about sustainable living and a sane response to the...

A New Aesthetic

What really motivates modern farmers to control their land as they do?

Read More on Resilience!

I have an article called "The Neurosis of the Lone Revolutionary" on If you're not familiar with the site, check it out....

The Surrounding Fields

Nature itself, in every time and place, ultimately dictates what farming methods will work over the long term.

Feeding the World

Large-scale agriculture or alternative farming -- how can we feed the world?

Discussion Forum: Modern Farming

Post comments on your thoughts, opinions, experience, and research on modern farming, pros and cons.

The Blessings of Scarcity

Shortly before Halloween, the administrative assistant for the faculty at my campus put out a bowl of candy. I groaned and complained...

The Battleground of Virtue

I expect that there are changes coming to our world and society, some of them difficult ones – not just those we will make deliberately,...

The Hard Way

[This and the next two posts attempt to address the sense many people have that this life of plenty we lead, the richest and most...

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